The Marten (James Linklater)

THE MARTEN (James Linklater)


"IF YOU THROW ME TO THE GROUND" the Marten told a man from Berens River, 'you will see sparks of fire' James Linklater, the Marten (Or) In Ojicree "Wabizhesh" is a contemporary hero in the pine forests. was a great shaman (medicine man) and conjurer of spirits,  Born late in the nineteenth century, the Marten resided at Cliff Dweller Lake - (North Spirit Lake) and he was for many years the leading headman of the families there. He Passed Away in 1975. Prior to this demise he told the artist Norval Morrisseau, When I leave my people I will be going to live with the cliff dwellers (may-may-quay-shi-wok) and people can come and visit me in the cliffs. The powerful Marten was known to carry as part of his shaman's tools, a tiny silver bottle which held a powerful medicince as well as a book of undecipherable writings through which he communicated with the spirit of a white woman. To Thomas Fiddler and others, the Marten was a man to be given much respect for his curing abilities; abilities that were in the eyes of many. He was known to use the "Shaking Tent" to make a connection to the spirit world to heal people from illness, speak to spirits, ask for guidance and assist in the various problems of the people.
Elders say "A Shaman - (medicine man) Can't heal himself by his own curing abilities, only can heal other people but not himself"

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